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Manager and human – someone who like
Claudio Labianca, establishes in his mid
20-ties, virtually out of nowhere,
a piano house in Offenburg,
that currently is the exclusive Steinway
& Sons-Agency and is counted to the
most renowned specialist traders in Germany,
must be a lover of music with visions.



The trained piano and harpsichord maker Labianca is such a man. A company boss, who lives values. A piano merchant, who really cares for the customer – even after the official opening hours and frequently beyond administrative barriers.
An efficient manager, who accepts responsibility day after day,
by being contact person number one: for his appreciated
customers, for his long-term suppliers, for every one of his eight
employees and finally for his family – because above all
Labianca has remained one thing: human.
In his piano house music is still lived, because pianos and
concert grands are his companions through life, they enrich our activities from the first sound on. And exactly therefore it is extremely important for him, to find the suitable item for everyone. Besides the whole range of the legendary Steinway & Sons pianos and wings, his piano house keeps powerful pianos of the brands Boston and Essex ( each constructed by
Steinway & Sons ), and additionally the own brand Gustav Kern.

Klavierhaus Claudio Labianca
General Agency Steinway & Sons in Baden
Zähringer Straße 2-4, 77652 Offenburg
Phone number +49 (0) 781 9707280