The International Chopin - Piano Masterclass / Black Forest August 7th-13th, 2017 Lahr/ Germany *** More information follow ***


The International Chopin - Piano Masterclass / Black Forest                       August 7th-13th,  2017 Lahr/ Germany

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August 2016 Piano Chopin workshop on Mallorca with concert by Prof. Adam Wodnicki / United States

Mission and self-understanding

Bozena Maria Maciejowska
Bozena Maria Maciejowska

this concept is the result of years of activity at Fryderyk Chopin University in Warsaw / Bialystok and numerous conversations with professors Mikhail Voskresenskij and Adam Wodnicki .

The Academy combines scientific , educational and artistic competence . Our goal is preserving the musical heritage as well as promoting an innovative action .

We see music as an indispensable part of a cultured and peaceful society .

Through training as well as by musical and artistic design we would like to contribute to capabilities . Excellence and knowledge are the benchmark for our educational and scientific work .

By means of our interdisciplinary courses , by mutual respect , openness and transparency we are creating an atmosphere that can be lived in creativity , authenticity and diversity .

Music in its metaphysical sense means suspense .

Apart from mind and matter there is a mysterious reality : the artist with his message and the listener with his own imagination and sensitivities .

In this triangle the ´mystery` can be born which is called ´art `
This is the objective of my educational activities .

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