Talents become masters –
with your support


One of the targets of the Music-Academy is the support of hopeful
talents on various instruments.

All, who want to follow this idea, have the opportunity
to donate a scholarship or to contribute to a scholarship with others.
In doing so, you decide for which instrument you are giving the
donation or support. We, the Academy, choose the most talented
pupils in cooperation with the schools of music in the Ortenau Area.

By the support of a scholarship, the most talented youths
get a chance for further development. With assisting you can
support a talent of your preferred type of instrument: piano, cello,
pipe, guitar or a wind instrument. In the master course, particularly
designated for that purpose, the chosen scholar will receive advanced
training at the highest stage. The scholarship will bear your name, if you
wish, and a valuation by an invitation to the particular Final Concert.

Thus you can assist to make talents into masters. If you are interested
just call us under the phone number +49 (o) 7821 99260-62
or write an e-mail to

The ideally and financial support by a circle of friends is
of invaluable worth for the Chopin Academy.

Besides a preferential order right for all events, the
friends of the Academy enjoy many other advantages.

Exclusive Social Events
Test visits
Artist’s talk

We will be pleased to inform you about the advantages and
possibilities for the friends of the Chopin Academy.
Bozena Maria Maciejowska, Industriehof 3
77933 Lahr, phone number +49 (0) 7821 99260-62